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Advantages of opening an account
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   80 Years history
The Mangal Keshav Group has an 80 year history of nurturing wealth for its clients having taken membership of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 1939.

  Multi-exchange access
We provide access for clients on varied asset classes i.e. Equity Cash, Equity Derivatives,Commodity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, IPO& Mutual Funds through a single client code.

   Multifold product offerings:
With Mangal Keshav get instant access to markets from your desktop, tablet, mobile phone while on the go. Our four-fold product offerings ensure that you have the most secure trading access anytime and anywhere. Our call and trade facilities ensure that you never miss out on a trading opportunity even if you don’t have internet access.

  High quality & detailed research reports
Get access to the best in business research reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Get sector specific, economy/event based and company related reports suited to your investing methodology be it technical, fundamental or technofunda.

   Up-to-the-minute news
Instant news access as it happens be it corporate, business, world, IPO, mutual funds. or market news.

   Research backed advisory services
Based on your investment style and risk profile, get customized investment advice which is backed by solid research. Through our updated trading app version, get the possibility of robo-advisory, Equity SIP, actionable notifications and screeners.

The web-based backoffice provides over 30 reports that cover all client requirements from calculators, holding statements, profit/loss, trade files, bills, digital contracts, account information, etc. You get the possibility of getting all reports updated to the last trading price to ensure that you get real-time actual understanding of your positions.


1. What is a dematerialization (Demat)?

Dematerialization is the process of converting the physical shares and securities of market participants into electronic form. Once the process of dematerialization is complete, the physical share and security certificates are eliminated and thereafter all records are maintained only in electronic form.

Today, almost all shares and securities are being traded in dematerialized form as it is less cumbersome and has several other advantages. If you wish to dematerialize your physical shares and securities, contact Mangal Keshav or else go to to open an account today.

2. What is a demat account?

Demat Account (Dematerialized Account) is an account that stores market participants' shares and securities in an electronic form. To put it simply, a demat account is similar to a bank account for the market participants' shares and securities. Having a demat account means doing away with the age-old method of keeping share certificates in physical format. This means no delays in paperwork and reduced risk of fake shares and securities.

Moreover, the ease of accessibility increases multifold using a demat account. Demat Accounts are used today to store various shares and securities like Equity Shares, Bonds, Government Securities, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), MFs (Mutual Funds), Insurance, etc. Open your Demat Account now with Mangal Keshav and enjoy lifetime free AMC.

3. Why do I need to open a demat account? What are the main benefits and advantages?

Opening a demat account has several advantages including accessibility, speed and security. Although SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) allows for trading in physical format for shares not exceeding 500 shares (termed as "Limited Physical Market" i.e. small window), it is a cumbersome and inconvenient process.

With financial markets across the world having moved to a technological driven platform, trading and holding stocks has also become digitalized. In this global scenario, it is always better to maintain all stocks in demat form through a demat account. A few of the main benefits of opening a demat account are:

1) Buy and sell of securities is immediate and there are no time lags on account of paper/physical transfers.
2) The possibility of bad/delayed delivery, fake certificates, theft, etc. is completely eradicated with demat account.
3) Since all shares are traded electronically, there is no issue with odd lots since even one share can be bought or sold.
4) Reduced costs since there are no charges on stamp duty during the process of transfer of share certificates.
5) You have the possibility of adding Nominees.
6) For any bonus, split, consolidation or merger, credit to the demat account is done automatically without need of any correspondences with companies.
7) Whenever any person details provided to the Depository Participants (DP) is changed, this change is reflected with all companies in which the market participant holds shares or securities eliminating the need to correspond individually with each company.
You can open your Demat Account today with Mangal Keshav.

4. What are the different types of demat accounts?

In India presently, demat account types are basically divided into the below: Normal Demat Account: A normal/regular demat account is an account meant for Indian citizens residing in India. This is the most common type of demat account. Repatriable Demat Account: Other than the Normal Demat Account mentioned hereinabove, the other two types of Demat Accounts are specifically for Non-Resident Indians (NRI).

A Repatriable Demat Account (as the name suggests), allows money to be transferred overseas. As this account allows for money to be transferred, it is necessarily linked with the NRE bank account of the holder. Non-Repatriable Demat Account: In Non-Repatriable Demat Accounts, there is no allowance for money transfer overseas. As such, this type of account is linked with NRO bank account of the holder.

Mangal Keshav Financial Services LLP provides all three options to its clients.

5. What is a DP?

A Depository Participant (DP) is described as an Agent of a depository (in India, there are two depositories namely NSDL and CDSL that stores shares and securities). A DP is the link between the market participant and depositories.

In India, as approved by SEBI, "public financial institutions, scheduled commercial banks, foreign banks operating in India with the approval of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India), state financial corporations, custodians, stock-brokers, clearing corporations /clearing houses, NBFCs and Registrar to an Issue or Share Transfer Agent complying with the requirements prescribed by SEBI" can be registered as DP. Mangal Keshav Financial Services LLP is a registered DP of both the NSDL as well as the CDSL.

Open a Demat Account today with a SEBI registered DP. Open an account with Mangal Keshav.

6. How do I open a demat account?

With Mangal Keshav Financial Services LLP, you can open the demat account either online or physically. For opening the account physically, visit our corporate office/branch office/partner office and you will be guided with the account opening process.

Please remember to carry all required documents for account opening. Else you can get in touch with us and we will have our staff member meet you at your convenient time and location for the account opening. For opening the online account, your aadhar card needs to be linked with your registered mobile number.

Secondly, please ensure that you have a clear scanned soft copy of all required documents. Thereafter, you can visit and then click on "Open An Account". You will have to fill the details as required and will have to verify your registered mobile number as well as registered email address and will have to upload the documents before setting a time for the in-person verification (IPV). Once the IPV is complete, you welcome will be shared with you.

7. How long does it take to open a demat account?

We at Mangal Keshav Financial Services LLP pride ourselves at the structure, procedure and swiftness in the account opening process we follow. If all required documents are provided and the in-person verification (IPV) is complete, the account is generally opened within 30 minutes.

8. What the charges for opening a demat account?

Presently, there are two account opening schemes being run at Mangal Keshav Financial Services LLP: Under Deposit Scheme - Total One-Time Payment of INR 1,620/- Under AMC Scheme - First time payment of INR 620/- and a recurring annual charge of INR 199/- All the above mentioned amounts are charges and over and above all applicable taxes would apply.

9. Can I open multiple demat accounts?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of demat accounts that a person can open.

10. Can I open a demat account for my child?

Yes, demat account may be opened for a minor in which case the legal guardian would be responsible for handling the account of the minor.

11. Can I open a demat account jointly with my spouse?

Joint Demat Accounts can be opened by any two individuals who may or maynot be related parties.

12. What are the documentations required for opening a demat account?

The following documents are reuqired for opening an account with Mangal Keshav Financial Services LLP:
A. PAN Card (Additional ID Proof in case of name mismatch)
B. Address Proof: Any One
1. UID/Aadhar
2. Passport with validity
3. Driving License with validity
4. Voter ID
5. Ration Card with validity
6. Registered Lease or Sale Agreement
7. Land line Telephone Bill (Note more than 3 months old)
8. Electricity Bill / Gas Bill (Not more than 3 months old)
9. Identity Card with Address issued by Central or State Govt.
10. Bank Statement / Passbook (Not more than 3 months old)
C. Pre-printed cheque leaf or cheque leaf with bank statement/passbook
D. Photograph