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Mutual Funds

The mutual fund industry in India has seen a tremendous growth spurt in the past few years, however, the potential for growth is significantly higher. Even today the asset base of mutual funds as a percentage of GDP is just 11% as compared with the global average of 62% which proves the huge market potential. In fact, the Indian mutual fund industry is one of the fastest growing and most competitive segments of the financial sector. Given these numbers, investing in mutual funds is a no-brainer. India has 42 mutual fund houses managing assets to the tune of over INR 25 lakh crores. Hence, it is imperative to select the right scheme and fund house that provides consistent performance even in volatile markets. At Mangal Keshav, we carry out rigorous analysis and continuous monitoring while suggesting any investment plan for our clients. As empanelled preferred distributors with all fund houses, you can be sure that you receive market competitive rates and the very best in terms of in-house research.

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