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Closed Issues

You can view the list of companies' which are closed for subscription.

Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price ( ₹ )Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size ( ₹ in Lakhs)List Price (BSE)List Price (NSE)
Hindprakash Industri Public Issue 40.0015/01/202017/01/20201,152.00----
Gian Life Care Public Issue 22.0031/12/201903/01/2020311.5222.00--
Vaxtex Cotfab Public Issue 24.0027/12/201903/01/2020383.04--24.10
Valencia Nutrition L Public Cum O...46.0023/12/201927/12/2019723.1246.45--
Prince Pipes & Fitti Public Cum O...178.0018/12/201920/12/201950,000.00160.00160.00
DC Infotech and Comm Public Issue 45.0012/12/201918/12/20191,080.00--45.50
Ujjivan SmallFinance Public Issue 37.0002/12/201904/12/201982,500.0058.0058.75
Ascom Leasing & Inve Public Issue 30.0026/11/201928/11/2019632.40--30.25
CSB Bank Public Cum O...195.0022/11/201926/11/201940,967.68275.00275.00
Mangalam Global Ent Public Issue 51.0015/11/201920/11/20192,157.30--53.00
Anuroop Packaging Lt Public Cum O...13.0008/11/201913/11/2019263.9013.25--
Gensol Engineering Public Issue 83.0030/09/201904/10/20191,792.8085.40--
Goblin India Public Issue 52.0030/09/201904/10/20191,520.4855.00--
Sona Hi Sona Jewell Public Issue 10.0030/09/201904/10/2019450.00--11.15
Tutorials Point (Ind Public Issue 64.0030/09/201904/10/20192,009.60----
Vishwaraj Sugar Ind Public Cum O...60.0030/09/201904/10/20196,000.0061.2061.20
IRCTC Public Cum O...320.0030/09/201903/10/201964,512.00644.00626.00
Galactico Corporate Public Cum O...23.0024/09/201927/09/2019369.8423.20--
Misquita Engineering Public Cum O...27.0023/09/201925/09/2019193.3227.85--
Shiv Aum Steels Public Issue 44.0019/09/201923/09/20191,584.00--44.25
Novateor Research Public Issue 24.0030/08/201904/09/2019449.2824.00--
Salasar Exteriors Public Issue 36.0028/08/201903/09/2019849.60--36.00
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