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Closed Issues

You can view the list of companies' which are closed for subscription.

Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price ( ₹ )Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size ( ₹ in Lakhs)List Price (BSE)List Price (NSE)
Cian Healthcare Public Issue 65.0002/05/201909/05/20194,040.40----
Par Drugs & Chemical Public Issue 51.0003/05/201908/05/2019852.72--52.90
Evans Electric Public Issue 52.0030/04/201903/05/2019193.4452.20--
White Organic Retail Public Issue 63.0026/04/201902/05/20191,546.0264.20--
Artemis Electricals Public Issue 60.0024/04/201930/04/20194,200.0070.00--
GKP Printing & Pack Public Issue 32.0023/04/201926/04/2019657.9234.20--
Neogen Chemicals Public Cum O...215.0024/04/201926/04/201913,235.00251.00251.00
V R Films & Studios Public Issue 61.0012/04/201918/04/2019226.9262.00--
Jinaams Dress Public Issue 59.0009/04/201915/04/20194,248.0059.00--
Polycab India Public Cum O...538.0005/04/201909/04/2019230,150.68633.00633.00
Metropolis Healthcar Public Cum O...880.0003/04/201905/04/2019117,788.84960.00958.00
KHFM Hospitality Public Issue 36.0022/03/201904/04/20191,062.00--36.50
Rail Vikas Nigam Public Cum O...19.0029/03/201903/04/201948,156.8819.0019.00
Osia Hyper Retail Public Issue 252.0026/03/201928/03/20193,977.57--255.00
Northern Spirits Public Issue 43.0022/03/201927/03/20191,849.8643.70--
Roopshri Resorts Public Issue 20.0019/03/201922/03/2019360.0020.25--
Artedz Fabs Public Issue 36.0018/03/201920/03/2019831.60--40.00
Humming Bird Educat Public Issue 132.0015/03/201919/03/2019215.16132.00--
Aartech Solonics Public Issue 34.0012/03/201918/03/2019720.8033.95--
Ashapuri Gold Ornam Public Issue 51.0013/03/201918/03/20192,932.5050.00--
MSTC Ltd. Public Cum O...120.0013/03/201915/03/201921,204.48111.00115.00
Mahip Industries Public Issue 32.0026/02/201901/03/20191,662.7232.00--
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