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Company NameIssue TypeFace ValuePremiumIssue OpenIssue Close
Par Drugs & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd. Public Issue 104103/05/201908/05/2019
Evans Electric Ltd. Public Issue 104230/04/201903/05/2019
White Organic Retail Ltd. Public Issue 105326/04/201902/05/2019
Artemis Electricals Ltd. Public Issue 105024/04/201930/04/2019
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. Public Cum Of...10929/03/201903/04/2019
Osia Hyper Retail Ltd. Public Issue 1024226/03/201928/03/2019
Northern Spirits Ltd. Public Issue 103322/03/201927/03/2019
KHFM Hospitality & Facility Managem... Public Issue 102622/03/201904/04/2019
Roopshri Resorts Ltd. Public Issue 101019/03/201922/03/2019
Artedz Fabs Ltd. Public Issue 102618/03/201920/03/2019
Humming Bird Education Ltd. Public Issue 1012215/03/201919/03/2019
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd. Public Issue 104113/03/201918/03/2019
MSTC Ltd. Public Cum Of...1011013/03/201915/03/2019
Aartech Solonics Ltd. Public Issue 102412/03/201918/03/2019
Mindpool Technologies Ltd. Public Issue 102014/02/201920/02/2019
Kranti Industries Ltd. Public Cum Of...102714/02/201920/02/2019
Jonjua Overseas Ltd. Public Issue 10012/02/201915/02/2019
Chalet Hotels Ltd. Public Cum Of...1027029/01/201931/01/2019
Ritco Logistics Ltd. Public Cum Of...106328/01/201930/01/2019
Surani Steel Tubes Ltd. Public Cum Of...104225/01/201929/01/2019
Xelpmoc Design and Tech Ltd. Public Issue 105623/01/201925/01/2019
KPI Global Infrastructure Ltd. Public Issue 107008/01/201911/01/2019
Axita Cotton Ltd. Public Issue 105027/12/201802/01/2019
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