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Company NameAnnc. DateDividend TypeDividend (%)Record DateBook Closure FromBook Closure ToEx. Dividend Date
Balkrishna Ind. 14-11-2019Interim 100.00--------
Fermenta Biotech 14-11-2019Interim 100.0025-11-2019------
Jamna Auto Inds. 14-11-2019Interim 18.00--------
Saurashtra Cemen 14-11-2019Interim 7.5025-11-2019------
Aurobindo Pharma 13-11-2019Interim 125.0023-11-2019------
Career Point 13-11-2019Interim 10.0026-11-2019------
Cochin Shipyard 13-11-2019Interim 16.3022-11-2019------
Meera Industries 13-11-2019Interim 10.0026-11-2019------
Natco Pharma 13-11-2019Interim 50.0022-11-2019------
Navneet Educati... 13-11-2019Interim 125.0021-11-2019------
Precision Wires 13-11-2019Interim 30.0022-11-2019------
Rain Industries 13-11-2019Interim 50.0026-11-2019------
Saksoft Ltd. 13-11-2019Interim 20.0025-11-2019------
Amara Raja Batt. 11-11-2019Interim 600.0022-11-2019------
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