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Company NameAnnc. DateDividend TypeDividend (%)Record DateBook Closure FromBook Closure ToEx. Dividend Date
Menon Bearings L 17-07-2019Interim 125.0029-07-2019------
Shukra Pharma 16-07-2019Final 5.00--------
Crisil 15-07-2019Interim 0.0007-08-2019------
Trident Ltd. 15-07-2019Interim 0.0010-08-2019------
Navkar Builders 12-07-2019Final 1.00--------
Mac Charles 11-07-2019Final 100.00--17-08-201926-08-201926-08-2019
Hatsun Agro Prod 10-07-2019Interim 200.0026-07-2019------
Hatsun Agro Prod 10-07-2019Interim 200.0026-07-2019------
Radhika Jewelte... 09-07-2019Interim 5.0023-07-2019------
India Infra Tru... 08-07-2019ROC 0.0017-07-2019------
Godrej Consumer... 04-07-2019Interim 0.0009-08-2019------
Deltron 03-07-2019Interim 10.0024-07-2019------
Foseco India Lim 03-07-2019Interim 0.0003-08-2019------
Keltech Energies 01-07-2019Final 25.00--17-07-201923-07-201923-07-2019
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