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You can view the book closure details of companies with their date and purpose.

Company NameFrom DateTo DatePurpose
Tata Coffee Ltd. 22/05/201903/06/2019Final Dividend
GHCL 24/05/201930/05/2019Final Dividend
ITC Ltd. 24/05/201927/05/2019Final Dividend
Apcotex Industries L 25/05/201903/06/2019Final Dividend
DCB Bank 25/05/201901/06/2019Final Dividend
P&G Health 25/05/201931/05/2019Final Dividend
P&G Health 25/05/201931/05/2019Special Dividend
Raymond Ltd 25/05/201905/06/2019Final Dividend
Tata Global Beverage 28/05/201904/06/2019Final Dividend
Trident Ltd. 31/05/201931/05/2019Final Dividend
Cyient Ltd. 03/06/201906/06/2019Final Dividend
VTM Ltd. 06/06/201915/06/2019Final Dividend
YES Bank Ltd. 06/06/201912/06/2019Final Dividend
Tata Power Co. 07/06/201918/06/2019Final Dividend
Navin Fluorine Inter 11/06/201914/06/2019Final Dividend
Monsanto India 12/06/201914/06/2019Final Dividend
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